Online Programs and e-Courses

If you choose not to work with me on a 1:2:1 basis for whatever reason, I have a number of automated online training plans and e-courses that you can purchase. I use MYPTHub to process payments and deliver content.

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A fully evidence-based program that educates you about the possible causes of chronic back pain. learn about the neuro-emotional mechanisms of pain catastrophizing, why disc degeneration might not be causing your pain and get a progressive exercise program to improve lower back stability, mobility and build strength to return your natural levels of athleticism.


6-week kbc

This 6-week program will teach you the kettlebell fundamentals while getting your stronger, fitter and leaner. All you need is a single kettlebell and space to train. Includes a bonus nutrition plan.


The Nutrition Solution is an 8-week automated e-course that teaches you everything you need to know to create the diet and lifestyle of your choosing. Fully evidence-based, learn how to spot and avoid myths and lies, learn how to set up the right diet for you, set meaningful goals, improve your health & sporting performance. Click the button for more details.


An 8-week female-specific training schedule comprising of 3 progressive resistance training sessions per week. These are full body strength training sessions with an emphasis on leg and hip exercises. This will make you stronger, leaner and more athletic. Includes additional finisher mini-circuits and bonus nutrition template.


The Strength Solution is a 12-week linear strength training plan designed to get you stronger and build muscle. Suitable for anyone at a novice to intermediate level of fitness and basic knowledge of the three main compound lifts. Includes unique GPP accessory circuits and strength-specific nutrition advice.


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