As a life-long lover of two wheels, I was neither new to cycling nor sadly a seasoned pro, but a move to road bikes got thinking about how well my new bike fitted me. I read about increased power, efficiency, and possible aerodynamic advantages, however, initially I was more interested in all-day comfort and staying injury free. A local bike shop recommended Troy and I was relieved that his bike fitting service wasn’t too basic nor too expensive, fortunately meeting my needs and budget. 

Starting off with an off-bike assessment, it was immediately obvious that the focus was on understanding my body, it’s abilities and limitations. Shoes, cleats and orthotics were next and finally the on-bike assessment.

Afterwards, I could feel the benefits; riding further for longer in total comfort. I didn’t think relatively small adjustments would make so much improvement.

Since that initial fit, I’ve returned to Troy numerous times. Whether it’s for a full new-bike fit, or just changing a saddle, ensuring the bike is correctly set up for me has proved excellent value. I’m comfortable and after all these years, injury free.