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Mini Nutrition Course

Through the recent lockdown (I’m writing this in April 2020) I ran a short nutrition course on my Instagram page. Each video is a minute long and breaks down the absolute basics anyone needs to know in order to set up a sensible dietary approach.

These videos are short and therefore lack context and nuance, but like I said, it’s the basics. If you want more nuance and more science you can read these previously published blogs:

Calorie Counting done right

Crash Diets


Intermittent Fasting

Basically, this blog is a way for me to house the content in one place.

Work out your Calories


Fats and Carbs


Closing Thoughts

If you are reading this while in lockdown, now is as good a time as any to really nail your nutrition. Don’t use it as an excuse to eat all the chocolate and drink all the booze. To be a fitter, healthier and leaner version of yourself you have to live the lifestyle of a fit, lean and healthy person and that requires you to change your beliefs and your habits. So use this time to start hammering that message home. Habits start out as process goals and they take time and effort to develop. But once they start sinking in they soon develop into habits, and habits don’t require much effort or motivation.

But even if you are reading this at some point in the future where lockdown is a distant memory, the same applies.


Coach Troy

If you want to learn more about personal Nutrition then you should sign up to my online program The Nutrition Solution: CLICK HERE

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